Thursday, April 27, 2006

Done and Done... Now the Real Fun Begins.

Good news, all. I'm finally done, and that's meant a little bit of relaxation time - in between all my preparations for India. Today I went and picked up a couple books (this and this) for my summer-term coursework over there, and then bought some Chacos (which came at an exorbitant price but from what I've heard will last me years). Later on I met with Lily and Ben (who are going to Dharamsala with me) and Autumn (who isn't - she's staying in Chavadi down south, close to Coimbatore for her research), and we talked logistics. We're renting a car to get from Provo to LAX, and Autumn finally got her car sold and is flying out about 24 hours before Lily, Ben, and me, so we three who were originally driving down together had to shift our plans to about 24 hours earlier. Which is fine: our friend Ali (also going to Chavadi for research) is from San Diego, so we'll just go down there and crash for the night before returning to LA and flying.

Now I've gotta get a mic, a cable, another battery, tape, and a tripod. And a backpack, a laptop, notebooks and pencils, and some extra underwear. And one more vaccination shot. And pack up everything I own for the summer. And then pay for tuition. Man, is it just me or is the room spinning a bit? I'd better sit down...

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Jooj said...

good luck getting all that stuff nephi! and have fun staying at the Warcups!