Friday, April 21, 2006

Invisible Children

All right, this doesn't have to do with my research or even with India. But we've got almost 31,000 people (at last count) across the country who are trying to raise public awareness of what's going on in Uganda. Our thought is, isn't there some way to stop war crimes and genocide from our side of the pond? It seems like government involvement (i.e., pressure) has been the only effective tool, but in the case of Uganda and the kids being kidnapped and killed there, practically no one here knows. So our national representatives have no reason to even think about the issue.

Well, we're forcing the issue. Go to to find out about the Global Night Commute (GNC). Each night kids in Uganda walk for hours to find a place to sleep in the hopes of avoiding being kidnapped by the rebel army there, taken into the bush, and turned into hard, mindless, heartless soldiers. Kids are disappearing from Ugandan towns. Many are killed by the rebels in front of the others to harden them into warriors. And nobody here knows.

We're taking this lying down. On April 29 we're doing our own night commute. In the country's major population centers we're all walking to a local central spot in the name of these kids and sleeping. The media have been invited, and our hope is that we'll raise awareness and interest in what's turned into a nightmare in Uganda. Then, with more of the media and the public aware, maybe we can get something to happen on the ground over there. Again, please go to and click Global Night Commute on the bottom to sign up in your town. If you're not in a place where it's happening (like Sydney, Australia or London, England, for example) then maybe you can start it up there. You'll find me signed up in Provo, Utah.


carrie said...

i am sooo excited to see how many people are getting involved! for those in phoenix, arizona who would like to get involved, you can do so through the main website or here:

Nephi said...
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Nephi said...

Thanks for the comment, Carrie. I see Phoenix IC is doing well. How much traffic is the site you guys have found going to see ? Has all the local media been contacted? I'm not even sure about the answers to these questions, except that our site gets only moderate traffic by it. Still, a number of BYU kids have appointed themselves to media-contact committees, so I think we'll have good representation here that night.

I imagine there'll be a number of students from BYU down there who won't be in Provo April 29 because our finals end this Wednesday. I have a number of BYU friends doing the GNC in San Diego, San Francisco, and Portland for that very reason.

Jooj said...

yo nephi!
i just got your blog address from molly. i'm so stoked about the GNC - plus the april 30th march for darfur in DC as well, the gov't can't continue to ignore africa. love it.