Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just 5.5 Hours Left...

If you've been checking back regularly and can't figure out why I'm not updating (this means you, Jooj), be relieved to know that, yes, this is the last day of finals here at BYU, and that I'm just working on a paper that's due by midnight. (I've been going nonstop, kids, for about two weeks now - and I can't wait to be done! At this point I'm just willing to take whatever grade they give me and accept it as my very best, because I really feel that's what I've given it this semester.)

As I leave for India in just a week, I'll be posting a lot of stuff soon, including some links to these anthro papers I've been working on, and especially to my newly updated research proposal. (Majorly updated twice in under two weeks, by the way. That's the reason I've been in the library so much...)

By the way, Invisible Children's site has been acting goofy today. Is it just receiving a mess of traffic because of the Oprah broadcast?

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