Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Pictures - Can You Believe It?

I've already put some photos down in the last entry, but here are a few more for you. Again, they come from Kem's camera, and I didn't take a single one of them.

A monk looking out over a misty day on Temple Rd. at McLeod Ganj. The hotels have sprung up within the past five years, from what I understand, accommodating a neverending flow of Indian and Western tourists.

I originally thought (without looking closely at all) that the carved words (painted red) in the bottom stone read "om mani padme hum", words that make up a sacred chant for Tibetan Buddhists. I asked once what they mean, but the Tibetan I was talking to couldn't answer my question; he said translation was too difficult. But I'm not sure I was right about what the characters mean. Oops.

Shrines to Buddha and His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the main temple complex at McLeod Ganj.

A young Tibetan monk helps out another monk by shaving his head. As part of the monastic life, the vast majority of Tibetan monks and nuns are not allowed to have long hair.

The Golden Temple, a Sikh holy site. The Sikhs' holiest site? In any case, the most spiritually beautiful place I've experienced since coming to India. If you have a chance to talk with Sikhs and spend time with them, take that chance. They're beautiful people.

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