Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wait, What? Pictures?!

Yes, children, I've finally found myself in a place where I can upload some photos onto this blog again. I hope y'all enjoy them.

The moon above Kem, Marc, Brandon & Ashley's place in Chaavadipudur. I didn't take this - Kem did. Actually, all this photos came from Kem's camera.

The view from McLeod Ganj. Down there's Dharamsala. This is taken from TIPA Road, I believe - the road I hiked every day to get to TIPA and do my filming. Beautiful, isn't it?

Autumn spins prayer wheels at the south end of the main temple complex, McLeod Ganj.

A stupa and gate in the shape of one of Tibetan Buddhism's symbolic wheels. I can't remember which wheel this is - maybe the Wheel of the Law. Again, McLeod Ganj (right next to the prayer wheels above.)

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